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Thursday 2 November 2023

The Shrine

The Shrine

There’s a small village in the Nezuko forest on the mainland of Honshu that has an importance out of all relation to its size.

The village only consists of a few dwellings.

A substantial store house because in spite of its small size this is a very wealth village.

It’s often visited by Holy men who always receive a warm welcome, Kami is explaining to Masatani how she cooks the mid day meal for travellers, as her idle husband Oe looks on, slowly sipping his Saki.

Korimi would like to receive the same warm welcome but as he is digging a new latrine for the village he knows that the smell will delay that welcome……a few weeks at least.

Inside one of the houses the local lord Okamoto Ichiro is in deep discussion with Ichi. Ichi often passes as his wife, sometimes his concubine and some time his housekeeper, she is none of these things.

Mate is also preparing food for some of the local workmen, she stands no backchat from these fellows, especially Inori who seems to be waving his weapon rather vigorously in her direction.

The village wealth is based on a shrine to one of the forest gods, the shrine is guarded night and day by well armed men.

As you can see the village is only small but as I explained very wealthy.

If it wasn’t for the armed men guarding the shrine and Inori’s men guarding the entrance to the village you might think it was ripe for a bold man to enter and remove the wealth without too much effort.

But you would be wrong, not having counted on the seriously scary Sorcerer Yoshifumi Susomi who lives in another of the houses with his Geisha friend Chiyo.

You might also be wondering how, if there are only 3 houses where the rest of the inhabitants sleep.

Well you’ve heard of hot bedding in modern day Tokyo, this village is where the concept was devised.

Hirano Nagayasu has heard of the Sorcerer Yoshifumi Susomi, tall tales don’t scare him, but wealth does attract him, so he’s decided to pay the village a visit and see which of the stories is true.

Two guards approach Hirano to see if he is friend or foe.

Kill them Hirano instructs his two most proficient retainers Katsua Takenori and Katagiri Katsumoto.

So that would be foe then!

The fight goes back and forth, well it’s just back for the guards and forth for the retainers. Kazu is pushed back into an obstacle and is cut down unceremoniously by Katagiri but the other guard puts up a spirited fight. Fighting desperately for his life Shoji retreats back and back, parrying each cut and thrust but he’s in dire straits.

The noise from the fight has alerted everyone else in the village, there is confusion amongst the inhabitants. Inori the commander of the village guard sees his men fighting for their lives and wonders how he can avoid joining in.

The two Samurai guarding the shrine believe their duty is to stay at their post come what may, and so don’t move forward.

Okamoto Ichiro and Ichi come out to see what is going on, Hirano rushes forward to attack Okamoto who is obviously a man of wealth and position, someone whom he can engage in combat as an equal. Hidemoto sees Ichi take up a fighting stance and flap her fan in his direction. This confuses Hidemoto, she should run away but shows no sign of doing so.

As Hirano tests Okamoto Ichiro’s defence he realises he is the superior swordsman, however he hasn’t remained alive in these troubled times by being rash. One fatal cut is all it takes for a man to die and he doesn’t intend it to be him, not today.

Ichi appears to be in trouble, she has fallen back before the pick on a stick that Hidemoto is wielding, but she retains her confidence that her training will help her beat the crude fighting style of the man she is facing.

Hirano’s retainers want to help their Lord but know if he perceives they have impugned his honour by implying he needs help, there will be consequences.

Consequences they don’t want to risk.

Swift as a striking snake Hirano slices through Okamoto’s leg and then plunges his katana into his chest. There is some smug satisfaction in knowing he was right. Okamoto’s defence was suspect.

Hidemoto is starting to be worried, his initial success against this frail woman has failed to end the fight and even with the help of Suma she is holding them back. Worse than that, she isn’t even slightly out of breath and he’s panting like a dog on heat.

Having killed the guard, Katagiri has rushed along the street towards the shrine, he hopes to be the first to fight the Samurai there. This will bring him great renown and he hopes reward from his Lord. He’s a rash young man with no caution, this might be his undoing.

A close up of Ichi, her fan is edged with sharpened steel blades. Centuries later a Birmingham gang called the Peaky Blinders would steal her ideas.

In the background the Sorcerer Yoshifumi Susomi has also emerged from a small house close to the shrine. He chants a spell of summoning. The chant reaches a crescendo, light flashes all around him and a pale green spectre appears above his head. He has summoned a Wraith.

Everyone reacts to the Wraith.

It turns out it’s not as scary as I thought it would be.

Kami shouts to her child playing in the street to get inside the house, and together they go into the building, followed very closely by Masatani. He reasons that a religious man shouldn’t get involved in street fighting, it is far beneath his dignity, besides that Wraith is a bit worrying.

Most of the characters involved in the story just take it in their stride. I’m a little disappointed by this response, I had great hopes of the figure.

Yoshifumi Susomi is exhausted by the summoning and can’t find the energy to direct it to attack anyone.

Hirano wanted to engage the Sorcerer in combat but he too is exhausted from his combat with Okamoto and can’t jog fast enough. He could have tried to run but that’s beneath his dignity.

Katagiri as I’ve said, is young and foolish, so he charges straight into combat with the Sorcerer. Yoshifumi fights back but the summoning has exhausted him and very quickly Katagiri’s steel finds an opening in his soft flesh and he falls beneath the blade of the proficient swordsman. As soon as the last breath leaves his body his summoning disappears back into the void and the whole raison d’etre for the game is gone.

Finally one of the guards from the shrine charges forward and attacks Hirano, the other one still maintains his vigil.

Seeing his paymaster killed and hearing the Wraith’s demonic scream as his Summoner is cut down, Inori decides he might as well find other employment and he and the last remaining gate guard leave the area.

After a combat that has taken forever to resolve, Shoje is finally cut down. Korimi the latrine cutter looks on in dismay but wisely decides not to intervene.

I think there might be some problem with my understanding of the laws of probability because although I’m trying to get some ebb and flow in a sword fight this one went on for about 6 turns with 2 rounds per turn, At one point Katsua was rolling 11 dice against Shoje’s 2 and still he refused to be defeated.

There’s a time when honour becomes secondary to survival and Hirano realizes that Kobiyashi the guard is a very proficient swordsman but he has the added advantage of wearing full armour. He is happy to allow his two retainers to assist him in defeating this opponent.

Meanwhile Ichi has finally got into her stride and is forcing her opponents to retreat before her ferocious attacks.

The small child in the street seems to have been forgotten in the excitement of the contact.

Kobiyashi is slowly loosing ground to the combined attacks of 3 opponents and his armour is taking quite a beating from their attacks. Hirano shouts above the din of combat and offers Kobiyashi quarter but he disdainfully refuses.

Try as she might Ichi can’t seem to land a killing blow and she is getting tired fighting two opponents.

The other guard Shida Takeshi decides that he should support Kobiyashi and he runs forward….slowly, but is met by Tada Zumi and Katsun Takenori. Katsun has run all the way from the village entrance after finally despatching the guard there. Together they make short work of Shida.

Yet again Hirano offers Kobiyashi quarter and this time with the odds so against him, he accepts.

He knows this will not enhance his reputation and employment with a new lord might be had to find, he contemplates his future mournfully.

Ichi might have been tiring but with a flurry of blows she finally cuts down her two opponents and as Katsua runs towards her she decides discretion is always the better part of valour and quickly runs away.

With her lipstick slightly smeared she makes her way out of the village, the only question now is; how will she get her revenge?

Well the other question is; will Hirano find the treasure in the shrine?

And I suppose a final question is; will he escape with the treasure if he finds it and if Ichi doesn’t get her revenge?

I guess there is the question of; who is Ichi?

You might have some other questions as well but these should keep me busy planning my next game.

Which of course will be something completely different.

Thursday 19 October 2023


Winter is coming to the mid west of America and in a small woodland clearing, stands an even smaller cabin, one might call it a homestead but only if one was being very charitable.

The cabin is surrounded by small fenced areas, mainly containing animals or crops to feed them. The occupier is hoping they will see them through the winter but who knows, they’ve never done this before.

The log pile is huge but there’s still plenty of work to do, storing the produce that’s been accumulated for the coming snows.

The cabin is a solid affair; whoever built it knew their stuff. Big thick logs will provide protection, although there is the small question as to why there’s no chimney for the stove……maybe because there’s no stove!!

Why any one would leave their horse saddled is also a bit of a mystery, either they are very insensitive to the animals welfare or they are very wary about needing a quick getaway.

The coral is full of cattle, presumably beef jerky is on the winter agenda, should you look closer you might notice that none of the cattle have the same brand, which might explain the saddled horse!

Pigs are notoriously difficult to borrow from a neighbour and so these animals might not be as hot as the cattle, although hot pork sandwiches are one of my favourites as I’m sure they must be the current occupier.

Under a spreading chestnut tree is a long forgotten resident of the cabin, maybe, maybe not.

At this point you might be wondering what the hell this is all about, and quite rightly so.

It’s my back story to a campaign the Mad Lord Snapcase wants to indulge in, and DougnotEM4 and myself are being pulled along in his wake as usual. We will be playing a What a Cowboy campaign and we’ve managed to rein him into a 6 game campaign that at the end of it will see dead Gentlemen of Much Piddling in profusion. Not literally I hope and not me either.

The grave is my reason for an implacable hatred of Saveloy ‘Rooster’ Snapcase and Bertram ‘Barmy’ Snapcase, a hatred that will see Rooster dead in some bloody field and Jack (my character) spitting on his inert corpse, although I’m sure Rooster might have something to say on the matter.

I’m hoping for that to be, “AAARGH” as he hits the ground, lifeless.

Usually in these campaigns we all write a back story to our characters, some more fanciful than others and this time there will be only 2 sides. Doug and I will have 2 characters each and be on the same side, the Mad Lord will have 4 characters and be on the losing side. The Mad Lord has decided the 2 sides should hate each other and so there has to be a reason for this enmity and eventually I’ll get around to my reason for it.

To continue this long winded opening to the game, that is also the opening to my back story, you can see that the resident of the cabin has a small canvas roofed shed and lumber to build another. This is where they will store much of the winter’s supplies, because the skinflint who built the cabin didn’t make it big enough.

However the real reason for this picture is to show off my new tree stumps. Down in the affluent south Snappers and Dougers have bought resin tree stumps and then painted them. I was much enamoured of these stumps but up here in the grim north I have to make do with sticks from the woods. In addition I found some daz that I opened about 5 years ago to make the sacks you can see by the shed. So waste not want not as my old nanny used to say and I made the brown boxes and put some lips on beads to make pot jars. The daz was a nightmare to work, probably because it was so old, but for nowt the results are to my satisfaction and I’m really pleased with the pots.

Ok I’m finally getting to the start of the story, as the owner of the saddle horse is putting the final log on the log pile with a great deal of satisfaction, not to say sore hands. Anyone who has heard the song Big Iron will have heard of Texas Red and the Arizona Ranger. Well this is Texas Red, she’s appeared in a couple of my stories and generally done well, with at least one famous victory to her credit.

The scenario, such as it is, is for Red to survive, ideally driving off any Jayhawkers and remain in possession of the cabin for the winter. Her location on the table was determined by dice roll, as was the arrival location for the Jayhawkers.

Unfortunately for Red, the Jayhawkers arrived just behind where she was working. Four of the meanest hombres west of the Missouri River, Hard Nosed Dave Stone on the left. backed up by Irish Frank with his sawn off shotgun. Waving his Winchester in the air and looking for a fight is Banjo Greg and leading the bunch from behind a big bushy beard is Bertram ‘Barmy’ Snapcase, brother of Rooster Snapcase who will be the victim in our forth coming campaign. Yes it’s a family feud.

Before any of them can react, she turns and opens fire, concentrating on Hard Nose Dave, who is the nearest threat. There’s a soft thruump as a bullet hits the big man, but he stays on his feet, staggering a little as it slows him down somewhat.

Irish Frank ain’t afraid of no man and certainly not worried by the slip of a lass that he sees in front of him. He moves forward and fires both barrels of the shotgun, but his target is fast and she dodges behind the large cart. The buckshot splinters wood into the air but Red is unharmed and Frank has made the mistake of moving from the cover of the remarkably authentic tree stump into the open, pulling his pistol at the same time.

Snapcase for all his faults as a human being, isn’t afraid to lead his men into a fight from the front and he runs forward to the shelter of another authentic tree stump. He aims and fires his Colt Army revolver and if Red hadn’t been so agile he would have put at least one bullet into her delicate body, as it is she dodges his hastily fired shots and ducks behind the wheel barrow.

Like a cat she recovers from the duck back, leans to the side and looks at Irish Frank who has made the mistake of not hiding behind the authentic tree stump. She puts a bullet between his right eye and his left eye and he falls slowly to the floor with a .45 calibre bullet between both eyes and remains inert.

She then falls back towards the cabin, keeping whatever cover she can between her and her implacable opponents.

Banjo Greg shoots and shoots again. Not taking the time to aim he fires wildly and hits Big Grey, Texas Red’s faithful horse. The horse doesn’t flinch, he’s been hit before by wild gunfire. He knows that Red is close by and she will protect him. Of course he might not like the fact that she is using him as cover, but for a handful of oats he’s prepared to forgive a lot.

Hard Nose Dave opens fire and forces Red to back up again. She can’t afford to do this because her saddle gun, a Winchester repeating carbine is holstered in Grey’s saddle. She is fortunate and grabs the Winchester before backing into the cabin.

As she backs into the cabin Snapcase advances, a little precipitously and Red pulls down the shotgun hanging on the wall, swapping it for the Winchester, she advances to the open door and unloads both barrels in the direction of Snapcase. He might be little slow on his feet and just as slow in the head but when someone unloads both barrels of a shotgun in your direction it will make your blood quicken and you might become a little lighter on your toes. He dodges, hitting the dirt, she looks on in disgust to see he is still wriggling around and so she drops the shotgun and draws her revolver, fires and misses again. She slams the door shut, cursing roundly. It would appear this man leads a charmed life.

Greg takes a run at the door, lowers his shoulder and hits it with some force. Her bounces back, swears roundly and glares malevolently at the stout wood work. What he doesn’t realise is that he almost broke the damn thing. 6 rolled on the dice and the door only has an 8 defensive value. A light tap will now knock it off its hinges.

Things are looking bleak for Red, she’s trapped inside the cabin with the three desperado’s outside blocking her escape.

Snapcase moves up to take Greg’s place, with his bulk the door isn’t going to resist much longer. He runs up but fortunately for Red he slips in some horse dung and doesn’t apply his full weight to the door and it resists a little longer than anyone thought it would.

Even so, he eventually breaks the door down and Red resorts to playing her last Bonanza token as he flies through the open doorway. She takes careful aim and fires at point blank range but damn and tarnation she misses. Snapcase is able to aim and fire in return but missing is catching and he misses as well.

Greg fires through the gap left by the broken door but Red dodges the bullet.

It gets worse for Red when Hard Nose Dave realizes there’s an undefended window on the far side of the cabin and he moves to cover it.

Red has to do something and as Snapcase finally breaks down the door, she takes careful aim at his centre of mass but yet again misses that juicy target. She does however hit his left leg and he goes down like a sack of potatoes. She then fires a quick shot at Greg but misses her target again.

Her position is untenable and so when Snapcase falls in the doorway leaving a small gap for her to escape, she sets off running like a hare, hurdling his prostrate form she runs like the wind.

With some incredibly good dice rolls she makes it to the cover of another of the very authentic tree stumps.

There is a possibility that she can make it off the table next turn but I don’t agree with the idea that a table edge provides total sanctuary so she might need to rethink this strategy.

It becomes a little immaterial as Greg chases after her. He’s not read the rules too well and when he catches up, he finds that he only has 1D6 to her 4D6. Even so he puts up a heroic fight and they both take damage.

But as the fight continues he is forced back. Red hasn’t read the rules fully either but has quickly realised that using her pistol as a club isn’t how Mr Colt intended for it to be used.

So she aims the gun and pulls the trigger, BANG BANG you’re dead. Greg falls to the floor and is relieved to learn he’s not dead but he’s not going to get up soon either.

Hard Nose Dave Stone and Snapcase have both followed Greg, chasing after Red but seeing Greg fall as her revolvers spit fire and lead in their direction calls for them to re-evaluate their situation.

And come to the conclusion that discretion is the best part of valour and turn to run away.

Red fires a couple of shots at their retreating backs before moving over to the cabin. She watches them go, cognisant of the fact that her cabin doesn’t have a functioning door and that an implacable enemy knows where she lives. There are a number of decisions to be made before winter sets in and they need to be made quickly.

It’s too late in the year to look for another hide out and even if this one isn’t safe it’s better than the alternative.

Once the snow comes she should be relatively secure……hopefully.

She keeps a track of time and in early February, when the snow is at it’s thickest she sees a lone rider approaching the cabin. A heavy set man climbs down off a weary chestnut stallion and he approaches the door.

She ducks down behind the bed and waits patiently for the door to open, gun at the ready. There’s a light cough at the window and a gravely voice asks “Who are you and where’s Jean” she turns slowly and looks down the barrel of the strangers Walker Colt.

To cut a long story short the stranger is Daniels, Jack Daniels and Texas Red had buried his wife Jean under the chestnut tree. Jean had been shot by the Jayhawkers and died in Red’s arms.

The carpet bagging Snapcase family are responsible for her death and time will tell if they will pay the full price.

Come the thaw Jack will head south to avenge Jeans death, he doesn’t know where Bertram Snapcase will be hiding out, but his rat of a brother Saveloy has bribed his way into the Sheriff’s office in the New Mexico Territory. One dead Snapcase is as good as another dead Snapcase, I think that’s chapter 4, verse 12, in the St James Bible but I’m quoting from memory and may be mistaken.

On the way south he will enlist the help of their offspring, the Kid. The kid is their only child, Molly Daniels, the meanest spitfire this side of the Rio Grande and that’s a lot of territory. God help Snapcase when the two of them hit his town.

Thursday 12 October 2023

Yuma Proving Ground - Game 2 - The Action

After that rather long intermission and a word from our sponsors I’d like continue the story of my 2nd Zone Alfa game.

Our intrepid hero’s are over the wire and making there way to Silas in the desert. They knew where his camp was but they didn’t know that after the visit from the Army patrol, Silas and Bull had decided they needed a little more protection.

So they’d decided to ring the place with a wire fence and a big gate. This might make things a little more difficult!

The main objective is the wooden shed that the brothers use for their sleeping quarters, there are 2 secondary Hot Spots, the tent in the far corner and a wandering one. Its location would be decided once Donovan and his team arrived at the gate.

As everyone knows now, the area around the Yuma Proving Ground is a dangerous place, the brothers might be OK, holed up in their compound or they might not be.

Taking the Z.A. chart for id of Zone Hostiles a D6 roll of 1 indicates it’s the brothers rather than a swarm of something and they’re OK, a D6 roll of 4 usually indicates Zombies and you’ve guessed it, they’re not OK but are now Zombies.

A roll of 6 on the set up die means Donovan has 7 moves to get into the compound, search it for the brothers and get out before an Army patrol turns up demanding to know why he is inside the blue zone, rather than outside guarding its outer perimeter. That might require some fast talking but I think he’s up to that challenge.

As before a die roll decides where Donovan’s team enters the board and providentially it’s in front of the gate and Stanislav is able to say, rather smugly, “there it is Sir” “You didn’t mention wire fencing did you” he responds. “did anyone bring wire cutters”. There’s a resounding silence when I rolled 3 having decided that they would have wire cutters on a roll of 5 or 6.

Is the gate locked? 1-5 it is, did I mention it’s a dangerous place out there? - Roll 5, whoops it’s locked.

Not to worry Katie Moss is a skilful lock picker, a skill she picked up in a previous life, one that she doesn’t talk about much, or at all. I forgot to mention, after the last fiasco with the Rookies now everyone is Hard and she has 2 actions trying to pick the lock. Unfortunately she fails….twice.


Once the team arrived at the gate I rolled to see where the wandering Hot Spot would be. Fortunately it’s on the far side of the compound and out of sight. It will wander 1 to 6” in a random direction each turn until it is in sight of one of the team.

The Hot Spot is the penny with 4 lentils on it.

I don’t believe it’s as easy to climb an 8’ wire fence as most rules writers and so everyone has to test to make the climb. Donovan, Freddie and Stanislav are not dexterous enough to make the climb and so only Hans and Schmidtt get over. Katie has used up her actions failing to pick the lock and will try the climb next move.

Well at least someone is inside although I worry a little because the Games Master might make them test to climb back out, especially if they get injured.

Katie has hidden talents and in spite of the tight dress and high heels she’s over the fence in no time. Freddie and Stanislav move right to cover Schmidtt as Donovan goes on Alert to cover Hans.

As Hans moves forward to check out the tent he disturbs a bunch of zombies, two of them look very like Silas and Bull, although Hans doesn’t know that. He’s a little perturbed when they make an immediate move towards him. He fires as they come and misses, nerves I guess, understandable in the circumstances but a bit awkward all the same.

Donovan on Alert, can’t fire a shotgun without hitting Hans and so he draws his pistol instead.

Schmidtt climbs onto the truck, which isn’t such a good move as some ghoulish looking creatures rush out and surround him. He fires as they come and one explodes in a ball of blood and green flesh.

Freddie and Stanislav look on in horror as they realise they’ve used their actions for this turn.

Katie wonders if it was a good idea climbing over the fence and also wonders if pulling the pocket revolver and the can of mace is going to be 1 or 2 actions or maybe even a free action. There’s time for a passing thought on who will activate first next turn and finally, she wonders why she pays a bodyguard who can’t climb a fence and isn’t available to guard her body when she needs him.

The green ghoul just wonders what she will taste like.

This bit is a little confusing, well it confused me. Ghouls activate 1st, 2 of them attack Schmidtt, one of them hits Schmidtt and he fails to save so is down. He defends and gets two hits, both of the Ghouls fail to save, so 2 Ghouls down. He can’t use one of his 2 hits to parry an attack because he’s the defender not the attacker.

The zombies activate next and there are 2 of them in contact with Hans, he goes down. Katie shoots at the Ghoul nearest her and hits it but does no damage, it moves into contact with her.

The remaining 2 zombies move towards Katie but Donovan now has a clear field of fire and blasts them, they both die.

Freddie also has a clear field of fire between the cars and shed. He hits both remaining zombies and one of them goes down.

Katie is wondering if it’s possible to train one of these things, you know, a bit like a pit bull terrier, she’d be the envy of everyone she knows, walking round with a Ghoul on a lead.

Petra Stanislav doesn’t give a damn, she moves and fires, killing Katie’s new pet….dead. Katie reflects that’s probably the best outcome.

Start of a new turn and there’s only 1 zombie left standing, however there’s only Katie still on her feet in the compound and time is ticking.

The zombie moves towards Katie but Donovan blows it away just before it reaches her. Stanislav shouts “That’s Silas” then mumbles “Well it was Silas”

Katie thinking on her feet, moves forward and searches his corpse, with a lucky roll she finds the key to the gate padlock and throws it to Donovan. Donovan opens the gate nest turn. Well at least she won’t have to climb back.

Hans and Schmidtt make use of their Medipacks and they’ll be ready to move soon but will it be soon enough.

The wandering Hot Spot wanders around the corner of the compound and sees Freddie, they move towards him mumbling and grumbling something about brains, Freddie thinks that’s a bit rude so shoots one of them, as Stanislav moves over in support, I’m not sure Freddie needs support but it’s the thought that counts.

Freddie and Stanislav continue to fire into the advancing zombies to no avail.

Katie rushes to the shed but doesn’t find anything. That failure is replicated by Hans when he searches the tent. Schmitt examines the truck and with yet another lucky dice roll discovers that the keys are still in the ignition.

Lets get the hell out of here yells Donovan and everyone starts to run for home. With a head start Freddie Donovan and Stanislav are making good time but the three in the compound aren’t going to be so lucky until Schmitt turns the key and the trucks engine bursts into life, Katie and Hans jump on board.

This is at the end of the 7th move, as the Army patrol are going to come on the 8th I gave the game to Donovan, I think they deserve it.

Schmidtt is actually supposed to be inside the truck but I’m not cutting my figures in half for effect, you’ll just have to imagine it.

Donovan is a little out of breath but will soon commandeer a ride.

Freddie and Petra Stanislav are enjoying their jog across the desert, I wonder who will win?

Not these guy’s, that’s for sure, they are more my kind of shambling runners.

Well Captain Andy Donovan now knows what Homeland Security wouldn’t tell him. Something has gone awfully wrong in the Yuma Proving Ground and the secure perimeter isn’t secure. The following day the army pulled back from the Yellow perimeter fence and took over control from Donovan at the outer fence of the Blue Zone.

Donovan has seen the Senator or is it a Governor of a State and been given some unequivocal orders that hopefully will be revealed in due course.

Katie Monk has no evidence to confront the worlds press with but it confirms her previous assertions, maybe her Editor can overturn the previous decision on her foray into the Mojave Desert in search of ……… Redacted……..

I'm still not sure where I'm going with this campaign but I'm enjoying the games so far.

It's always nice to hear from any one who reads this gibberish.