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Friday, 25 October 2019

An Introduction to the new Characters in the Little Whiskey Bath House and Brothel War

My Little Whiskey western  games have been a bit of a coherent story, well as coherent as anything I do. I started with the thought that the town would grow and the inhabitants would grow with it. This piece of fancy is like a lot of my ideas - a bit half baked.
I was expecting friendships and animosities to develop as games played out snd that would influence the way future games played. However I have a limited number of figures and hadn't thought through what happens when someone is killed, especially a character I like. I don't favour the identical twin routine and so I stopped killing them, one or two had miraculous recoveries so we are all going to have to suspend disbelief a bit, but as we play with toy soldiers that shouldn't be too hard.

My last game was a part of the backstory for the town as a whole and so to some extent leads to the next game I'm running, which is for for my two southern friends in a couple of weeks time. The previous posts 6 or 7 of them and are over a year old also set a part of the backstory but moving forward I would like to introduce some of the figures I've been painting over the last 10 days.

There were 20 of them and I took the fancy to name some of them after guys who have commented on the blog. This might not be a good idea and I don't want to upset anyone, especially as I've given some of them nicknames. If you want me to change anything, please shout out, it's intended in my usual lighthearted way and should be a bit of fun. The nicknames are not intended as a reflection on anyone but more to align them with my existing characters and of course I like to give my characters back stories.

Ok enough of me apologising and on with the introduction. A final thought, I am doing this on my tablet so hopefully it will be Ok but please forgive any rubbish formatting, I know you already forgive the rubbish content.

Pa and Ma have made it through the Bad Lands and the even worse lands to arrive in a hot and dusty hell called Little Whiskey – New Mexico.
They are riding a newly painted, souped up waggon, covered - you guessed it, with pieces of old boxer shorts.

Ma says to Pa “Well I’ve seen worse places than this – they even have a bank, it can’t be all bad if there’s a bank”. Pa just looks sour, he doesn’t mention the crash and how the Government used his money to support the Wanker, Bankers. At least they have the Law here he thought, there’s some hope at least. Humm, next to the bank, who's  in who's pocket, maybe nothing has changed.

They carried on down, what was politely termed Main Street in this one horse town, well to be accurate it’s about a 24 horse town now, not that I'm bragging  - well not a lot.

One of my other newly covered waggons is parked around the back of the Gunsmiths. The Blacksmith and coral are in the distance.

The Stage comes into town which is important from a game perspective but this shot is really to show off my new long horn cattle, you might see a few more shots of them. Sorry.

A moody shot of the Saloon with a couple of horses, packing heavy. This usually presages trouble.

Dynamite Dan the archetypical prospector walks into town hauling on the reigns of Bob his pack pony. He likes no one and nothing, and apart from spitting chewing backy, he’s my kind of man.

Should you be the odd person with a retentive memory you might recall Big Jim Smith the Smith who seems to have a certain degree of magnetism for handsome young women, here, he’s chatting to Shawnee Mary and Rose, or maybe it’s the other way around.

More horses packing heavy!

Mollie and her daughter are walking into town, she's making sure that her man doesn’t fall out of the Buckboard. It’s 9:00 am and he doesn’t look so sober, a slight lean forward, a bit of a sideways wobble.

Yep, he's not glued down and doesn't quite fit into the buckboard.

This is the same waggon but hitched up to a newly painted horse. I was just quite pleased with it so took a few pictures.

Fecadermis – yes you know who you are, the lad in the picture doesn’t have a set personality yet, if you’re as mad as I think, would you like to name him for your son?

The Texas longhorns in the coral – again.

The Stage driven by Brummie Quinton is flying into town and Shotgun Dew is hanging on for dear life.

In the distance is Texas Red with some old bloke, they are making their way to the grocery store.

If you read my last post you might remember Charlie Foster usually called Lefty and Mississippi Sam Shaw but you won’t have heard of Hard Nosed Dave Stone.

There are many rumours of how Dave got his nickname but the truth is that in a bar back east Dave said to some drunk, they call me Hard Nose, the drunk said, well, we’ll see about that and hit him hard on the nose. When Dave’s eyes stopped watering he drew his guns, both of them and shot the drunk between the eyes, three times just to be sure and then left town. That maybe explains why he is out here in Little Whiskey, - or maybe not, it might also explain the nickname - or maybe not.

Mollie still has her man in place on the seat of the buckboard, these western women are pretty strong characters, - but then I suppose they needed to be.

Did I mention the Texas Longhorn cattle I painted. I know they are not longhorns but they were the longest horns I could find, apart from the Dixon ones.

Ahh – well here is Dora Du Fran, she sort of brings down the tone of the post. However I’m hoping she will play a major roll in the game.

You will notice she moved her crib from Montana to New Mexico, you must have heard the line in the song that goes "I'm going where the climate suits my clothes " well she did.

Outside the gunsmiths Miss Virginia and Temperance Jenkins are deep in conversation with Mrs Tilney and some little urchin off the street. Probably about the morals of Little Whiskey and it’s inhabitants. I doubt they have anything good to say.

A rather ambivalent establishment in the town, downstairs is the Westmorland Grocery Store but above it is Blonde Edna's Home for Wayward Girls, the local Brothel and the place that makes the biggest return per square foot of floor (bed) space.

The men in black are left to right, Holy Joe, The Judge (Mr Bryan) and Fecadermis Mouse (the one with the mad look in his eye) behind them on the stoop is Sarah O’Riordan the proprietor of the Grocery side of the business.

Just a general overview of the town.

Fecadermis and Holy Joe have the slightly strange look of men who know their own mind, and are absolutly sure of it, you probably don’t want to disagree.

The yard by the Wells Fargo Office is packed with goods, coming, going and occassionally lost in the post.

Round back of the Grocery store. The Brothel has expanded with a bath house and an extra crib for the young girls who are looking for a detached residence.

Ok I know it’s only a tent, but it’s a step on the property ladder and they can hang the closed sign on the door flap when they want, although Pearl De Ville the owner of Blonde Ednas might serve them with an eviction notice if they do it before 4 in the morning.

Sheriff English Bob had told Whiskey Jack that he didn’t want to continue as the Sheriff of Little Whiskey, the pay was low and the prospects poor to none existent.
Jack had placed an advert in the Sheriffing Times and Tarot Freeman had applied. He had good references and so Jack had hired him, there was a slight problem that Jack didn’t know about until they met face to face.

10 years after the war and Tarot is determined to seek his fortune out west, this might not be the best job opportunity, we will have to see how he shapes up.

It’s not long since the war has finished. Men wearing grey are still common around the south west, this band of cut throats are led by Captain Bertram Snapcase of the 7th Carolina Cavalry, he runs with, left to right Banjo Greg, Bad Boy Roy Williamson, the Captain and Swede, sometimes known as Joakim Strom, mainly by his mother.

Little Whiskey is bursting with drifters and this group are led by a man with a beard as big as his belly, Colonel Nathaniel Ffwacett, with on the left Phil Coyote Curran, to his right Dusty T Motte and O’Donnell, sometimes known as Irish, sometimes as Panama and sometimes just as Big Frank.
Coyote Curan favours a standard 12 bore Shotgun but O'Donnell means to hit whatever he points his gun at, so has cut 24" off his shotgun.

That should do the trick.

Frank MacAulay’s gang has changed a little, they were always a bad lot, inept usually but maybe they are even worse now, but hopefully not as inept.

From left to right we have Poison Ivor Evans, Dangerous Dave Davis, Frank MacAulay is in the centre background, Skully and Stevie G to his right.
Ivor, Skulley and Stevie G are new members of the gang and have a lot to live up to, or is that down to, not sure which, but you probably get the drift.

Two of the most dangerous men in town, Wild Dougal Emfoure and his associate J.J.Tucker, they are here looking for the bounty on various outlaws, everyone steers clear of these guys.
Mind you that might be because of J.J's aftershave "Panther Piss" - Whiskey Jack sells the same stuff but it's his top brand whiskey.
It might be a little obvious but they have brought their own boxes for the outlaws who are wanted dead and not alive.

Finally on the left is Shotgun Dew in the centre is Brummie Quinton the stage coach driver and on the left the man who called himself The Undertaker. The man with a penchant for big hats and scary names has changed his name and decided he should be known as Gravedigger Awdry, no one wants to ask him why he made the change, life would be too short. Your life that is.

For some unknown reason the wanted poster of Dr Gobbo refused to load, if you go back to the "Hold up at Skull Rock" he was the one who climbed out of the coffin on the top of the stagecoach and made Bryan's day. Also the one who saved Joe Turners life by slapping a branding iron to his leg and staunching the life blood flowing out of his scrawney body. Ever since then all the girls want to know what Joe's brand is,  Double D, Lazy Ace, but only the lucky few find out and they're not telling.

Well sorry I did try and restrain things but as usual got a bit carried away, there's plenty more to say about some of these characters and I hope I've not offended anyone in the telling of the tale, especially gender transference which might be the case in one instance.

Anyone who's read my stories knows that my men are tough but my women are usually tougher.

I hope to have the main event which is the "Little Whiskey Bath House and Brothel War of 1875" here in a few weeks time, but I intend to show how clever I am with the background to the game first. I'm aiming to have the 3 of us play out about 20 different groups of characters,each with individual objectives, as well as introduce 33 event cards into the game as well. It's probably going to be a hellish nightmare but I'll put a good spin on it;)

Well if you are still here reading, thanks but you must get out more.

Cheers for now.