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Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Uranium Handoff 2nd Attempt.

After the debacle of the first attempt for Supervillain Alexander Lorne to meet with Boss Cotton and sell a shipment of enriched uranium, a second attempt was arranged, neither of them realized that the traitor was one of their own associates. So 2 weeks later but in the same place and aiming for the same bar to make the hand over at the same time of day, the various elements were in place, same encounters and PEF’s.

The pervious game is here https://vagabondswargamingblog.blogspot.co.uk/2018/01/the-uranium-handoff-game-of-two-parts.html

The only difference was that the crack Marine team was in disgrace and Andy Donovan and his team of law enforcement officers had been drafted in to make the arrest, they were joined by Special Agent Samantha Price.

Again I was playing the part of the ‘good guys’ and I still thought my original plan was a good one, split into 2 teams 1 by the cross road and 1 in the Deli opposite the bar.

Andy Donovan and his team the veteran Willhelm Schmitt and the rooky Enrico Diaz climb over the wall at point A and remain in position, and Samantha (Sam) Price and her team Hans Ludenstien and James Lamour enter at point B and make their way quickly and unobserved this time, into the Deli to get an overview of the Bar.

Using the same start criteria as the previous game – dice rolled for my 2 teams determine when they start and everyone else starts on turn 4. The 2 teams arrived in plenty of time to set up in position, I had better dice this time. Sam, Hans and James - team B arrived on turn 1 moved down the road, on turn 2 they were outside the back door of the Deli and find it unlocked. Andy, Willhelm and Enrico team - A climbed the 6’ high wall and dropped down into cover behind some bushes, no one saw them, - looking good so far. The encounter markers were on the board at this point, randomly placed and none had been triggered.

Difficult to see but the green encounter markers are shown as well as team B who had moved into the Deli and team A moved up to the bushes, the dice on the board show the arrival turn of the 2 teams and the small white rectangles are the PEF’s (Possible Enemy Forces)

Turn 3 – Sam’s team quietly open the back door and enter the Deli, they are on high alert after the fiasco last time for the Marines and they have something to prove. The 1st card is turned over, it is a 2 which is Jennifer Ryan the right hand man + 1 or 2 henchmen, I roll and get 2 henchmen, then roll for who they are, Erika Klaus and Elvis. Jenny has 1 bag, Erika the other and Elvis is obviously riding shotgun.

So Alexander Lorne has placed her back up team with the uranium in the Deli where they can watch for Boss Cottons arrival in the bar and so when Alex gives the go ahead that the deal is good, they are in place to be able to bring the uranium over.

Turn 3 – random placement has Jenny and Elvis up stairs in the roof annex watching the bar and Erika Klaus down stairs. Hans is leading closely followed by Sam and James. Unfortunately this is one of the buildings that doesn’t have a removable roof but you get the idea.

Hans and Erika react simultaneously, Sam is a little slower and James at the back can’t see what’s happening. Erika is a little flustered and snap fires, rushing her shot and misses but the veteran Hans doesn’t make the same mistake – BOOM – the shot gun sounds incredibly loud in the confines of the back room, Erika goes down in a heap, click goes his 2nd shot, his pump action shotgun has jammed but Erika is Out of the Fight (OOF) and he has time to fix it.

I have Jenny and Elvis upstairs take a reaction test for the firing and they decide to stay put and keep quiet, Jenny the brains of the pair of them is also a bit of a coward and she stops Elvis from making a rash move. Well would you go downstairs if someone is firing a shotgun there?

Turn 3 – over on the other side of the board Andy Donovan is making his way to the right behind the barn and Willhelm is behind the bush with Enrico as back up. The PEF is resolved as nothing to worry about, but next to it, out of photo is an encounter token.

Turn 3 – pan back and you can see the encounter token over by the blue car, this turns out to be Boss Cotton, Mad Dog Maguire and Erik Yonthorn making their way round to the bar to collect the uranium.

Turn 3 – Mad Dog has the senses of a wolf and realizes there is something behind him and he spins round like lightening, sees Hans behind the bush, they both react together but the veteran Hans is faster, BOOM – BOOM – BOOM goes his shotgun, 6 – 5 -5 are thrown.

Turn 3 – Mad Dog goes down OOF and the Boss not badly hurt falls stunned and Erik the 3rd target is missed by a fraction of an inch. Erik passes his tests for man down, leader lost and received fire and blazes away at Hans, 2 shots – 2 misses, obviously rattled by the shotgun pellets passing so close. Hans ducks back behind the barn.

Turn 4 The Boss and Erik fail to activate. Hans recovers from ducking back – pops his head round the corner of the barn and Erik wins the resulting in sight test and shoots him, Hans falls to the ground stunned. “Ha not so clever now are” we shouts Erik.

Turn 4 – Andy comes round the other side of the Barn and lets fly BOOM – BOOM – BOOM, hits Erik 3 times and he is down and OD (obviously dead). “Oh yes we are” says Andy. Sorry about the dice in the photo.

Turn 4 – Over by the Deli things are hoting up as well. Willhelm is fixing his gun but Sam and James come to the front window of the Deli and this resolves the 3 encounter markers there. Jack Handsome a passer by, an angry dog and Alexander Lorne the leader of the Uranium gang and Raoul, they had been on their way across the road to the bar when the shooting started in the Deli behind them. Through the window Sam recognised Alex from her photo fit and the 2 girls snap fired simultaneously Alex missed but Sam the better markswoman did not and Alex falls to the ground OOF, James and Raoul also fire simultaneously Raoul misses, and James who is a shit shot also misses.
This is the 2nd shot with dice on the board and you will be pleased to hear that the continuity girl has been fired.

Turn 4 – Alex down, Raoul tests morale - fails and runs. He gets part way down the street when James gets a 2nd shot at him and this time scores a hit – just stunned though and Raoul is down for 1 turn.

Turn 5 – Sam can see down the street and so resolves a PEF and 3 encounter markers. The encounter was Charlene with Rufus and Desmond the Gangstas (no type casting in my games you notice), they have run in to the Yakuza who are also after the uranium, obviously no love lost between these 2 gangs and they immediately set too. The other 2 encounters are Chardonet a good time girl on her way home (blonde on the right) and Tomari Daisuke, another Yakuza, (bottom left - pale suit). I am writing this AAR 2 weeks after the game and as there was no encounter marker for additional Yakuza I don’t know what the hell he is doing there, maybe in 10 years when the long term memory kicks in I'll be able to explain it.
Just behind the blue car you can see Raoul's base, this is where he got before being shot from the Deli, note he is just stunned and will get up next turn.

Turn 5 - Bullets, and shotgun pellets fly every where and when the dust dies down. Omari the yakuza girl with green hair lies OOF on the ground, but Charlene and Rufus are OD and Desmond is OOF, Yakuza 3 Gangsta 1. Raoul got up from behind the car and ran down the alley to the right, Tamori reacted like a rattlesnake and shot him dead.

Raoul in the alley. Not his day.

The blood bath.

Over at the Deli, Sam and James have come outside to arrest Alex, the angry dog attacks Sam, she runs back inside and slams the door on its ravening jaws, James spins round and shoots it, the dog goes OOF. Jenny and Elvis – you remember them, upstairs at the Deli, well Jenny remains hiding upstairs but Elvis comes rushing down stairs, Sam reacts 1st fires and misses, Hans has now fixed his gun and he and Elvis fire together, Elvis wings Hans who falls stunned but Elvis is hit bad and is OD.

The Deli at the end of turn 5.

Turn 5 – Andy Donovan strolls across the street and puts the cuffs on Boss.

Turn 6 – The Yakuza pick up Amori and start to move off the board. Jenny remains inactive upstairs at the Deli, the rest mill about.

Turn 7 – Andy and cops escorting Boss down the street to the Deli see Jenny on the roof trying to make her getaway.
More dice - that continuity girl will never work in this car park again.

Turn 8 – they run over shouting “stop we are the law, give yourself up now” and she does. Does Judge Dread really say that?

A complete victory for the forces of law and order, there are a lot of bodies to explain but “That is why we have Special Agent Samantha Price with us” says Andy Donovan to his men, “That’s why she gets the big bucks”.

Screen goes black and roll to credits:-


THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY – you choose.

Gangstas and angry dog.

The Yakuza

Alexandria Lorne and the Uranium Gang

Samantha (Sam) Price and the B Team.

Andy Donovan and the A team.

Joe ‘Boss’ Cotton and the arrested team.

Black Skulls = OD Red Skulls OOF

I really enjoyed the game, using the encounters and PEF’s meant that stuff was happening all the time and I couldn't predict it, I was lucky with the turn ups for the encounter markers they worked really well, with the team selling the uranium both being in the same area, the ones with the suitcases in the Deli and the other 2 outside on their way to the Bar, and then Boss Cotton being on the other side of the table but also on his way to the bar. If I hadn’t used random encounters and chance movement that is probably what I would have written in to the scenario.

The Gangstas and Yakuza being next to each other gave a good showdown but did not interfere in the main story. Jennifer nearly got away, the police failed a brains test to see if they would check upstairs, I guess with Elvis running down from there they must have thought it was clear, and only because Andy Donovan was bringing his prisoner along the street outside did they see her, also as I said earlier she is a bit of a coward and so hung around for a turn having failed to jump from the roof, not sure I blame her for that though.

Well if you’re still here – thanks for reading.


  1. Fantastic game. Love all the figures as well. We share so many similar tastes in our collections :)

    1. Yes - I noticed you had most of the bikers I think they are great figures and not aged much in comparison to current ones, do you also have the savages?

  2. Yet another thoroughly enjoyable read, Greg. Full of action and a cracking outcome for the cops. I love your figures and scenery. Apart from your Yakuza gangers I have all of the other figures who made an appearance here. As for the roof not coming off on the deli, it certainly can do; see here - http://vampifansworldoftheundead.blogspot.co.uk/2011/08/microtactix-deli-and-dry-cleaners.html

    1. Hi Bryan, coo that Greg gets around a bit, what's he doing on my blog, he should be in some zombie hell hole. ;-)
      The Deli was one of the 1st printed buildings I made once I re-started gaming and was probably knocked out in an afternoon. I don't think I will ever achieve your level of creativity with these builds but I think you have much more patience than I ever will.
      I did buy some of the World Works Mayhem City buildings a couple of weeks ago, but they don't seem to have anything like the range they used to when you were building them. I should have bought them years ago, but never got round to it. They are to go with Copplestone gangsters for something set in 1930' America, but I seem to have stalled completely.

  3. Not sure how this Blog has slipped my attention before, Vagabond, but I'm a loyal follower now. Lots of lovely pics to admire and plenty of narrative too. All good stuff, and a belated warm welcome to the blogosphere; as Brummie states "we share so many similar tastes in our collections" :-)

    1. Well it's very nice to welcome you here, thanks for dropping by. I'm still going a bit full bore at the moment, but it's early days yet. I'm also hopping about a lot, partly because I want to post all my old game reports and partly because I am enthused by the new ones I'm playing currently, so it probably looks a bit of a mish mash - which it is and sorry for that.

  4. Thanks for another brilliant AAR John - just the thing to cheer me up as I sit, thawing out with a steaming Java Lava after being out shop-pain in Narnia and Frostgrave all afternoon :-)

    The encounter certainly went a hell of a lot better for Andy and Sam than it did for those bungling matelots on the last drop, and the 'good guys' had a nice bonus with the rival gangs tearing lumps out of each other in their turf war.

    Your posts aren't "a mish mash" - they're "eclectic" and we love 'em! :-)

    1. Yes - that's the word I was looking for 'eclectic' except I couldn't spell it :-)

      It's funny same scenario in every respect but a completely and much more satisfying outcome. i.e. I won ;-D

    2. "I won"???? Don't go slipping over to the dark side and become one of those competitive wargamers ;-)

      If I remember correctly, 'Furftenberg' is a German beer - ask one of the Baboons that attacked the lager, I'm sure they'll know ;-)

    3. Hey when I sit down at that table to play a game against myself the gloves are off, it's win at all costs. You must have seen that in my reports.;-)

      I hope these Baboons are not the same matelots you were referring to earlier.

    4. Oh, it's all coming out now! The bitter arguments over rules interpretations, double checking the opposition points values and army composition, the distractive banter while your opponent tries to concentrate on a tricky next move....... loaded dice and stretchy rulers too? ;-)

      and I think the Baboons might be insulted by being mistaken for those Marines ;-)

    5. Ah - I see you were a proper Wargamer once ;-)

      Did the Marines do something bad when you were a child - stole your ice cream perhaps. A friend of mine had a son in the Para's and they didn't have a lot of good to say about the boys with the green berets either, I hope it's not envy :-) :-)

    6. Just the old inter-service rivalry, I've no personal gripe with the "cabbage heads" you understand, but it's customary to pour scorn on them just as they do on us "craphats" ;-)

      Anyway, enough of this idle banter - I'm delaying your next blog post, no idea what it could be if the RSPCA might not like it, but I'm looking forward to finding out :-)

    7. Cheers Greg, the RSPCA intervention squad might have to wait as I'd like to progress a bit with Becky's story, I just got carried away with the westerns. Pardner.

  5. Hi John, another very enjoyable movie but that girl needs a new job over the dice been in shot, I also noticed your now getting in on the advertisement side of things how much did Furftenberg pay if you don't mind me asking ?

    I'd also like to point out that maybe this movie should have had an 18's rating as it was verily bloody but action packed from first to last so well done : )

    1. Hi Frank - how's the computer going along, hope you're getting somewhere with it.

      I'm sorry but I can't reveal details of my advertising contracts, I know you'll understand. ;-)

      I got both the cars in a flea market somewhere in Germany. I don't speak any German and the lass I bought them from didn't speak any English. So haggling was difficult and we agreed a price for one of these, but she charged me 1/2 what I thought I had agreed. So later I went back for the other and paid her twice what she had taken for the 1st one, so I paid 2E for the pair. I've no idea who Furfenberg are, must look it up some time.
      Sorry about the rating Google asked me when I set up the blog if there would be adult content and I thought - no we're wargamers - children really.
      I've just written up another game today I'll see if I can get a rating for it but I'm a bit worried the RSPCA will shut me down. ;-)

    2. Hi John, my Son should be down from Belfast next weekend so hopefully should be ready to go after that, I've two & a half movies shot but fear loading them into the computer.

      While I'm enjoying all your wonderful posts I hope the one you've just written up is from Little Whiskey, as for the RSPCA I won't tell if you don't : )

    3. Hi Frank - I'm sorry but I got a mail saying you left a message but nothing here. I deleted the message before coming here to see what you said, sorry.
      I did pick up that your son was coming soon so hopefully that will fix the computer.
      Stay Safe.

  6. Awesome battle as per your usual standard. I like that bus, do you know the scale and make? I too wondered about the blog rating and did at one stage click the adult content box only to unclick it rather quickly when it asked me if I was comfortable seeing my own adult content!!! Hmmm.

    1. Hi M.C. Sorry I'm no help on the bus. It was sold by Wilkinsons a local supermarket chain, it has their name on the bottom and made in China, It was a good find because I think at £2:00 it's close to scale, a bit on the small side but not much. They did 3 all the same but different livery and I've not seen them in the shop for a few years now.

      Humm, looking in a mirror I'm not sure I'm comfortable looking at my own adult content - so probably a good job I didn't tick the box.

  7. Don't blame the lass for thinking twice before jumping off that roof. I once dropped from a 15ft roof onto concrete paving slabs and fractured all the bones in the base of both feet (probably not the technical term for the injuries, but I caused the bones to crumble a bit around the edges). I lived a dangerous life, once upon a time!

    It's certainly a decent looking urban set-up you created for the action to unfold upon. There's going to be plenty of blood to wash off the streets!

    1. I don't think you can just leave it at "I lived a dangerous life, once upon a time" this needs to be explained more fully or at least form the basis of a series of games. ;-)
      The larger buildings are all paper printed ones from the web and were free. I think I should have put a bit more effort into them but were quick to build and they do the job reasonably well.

  8. VAGABOND, BE CAREFUL - you're going closer and closer to The Edge of Awesomeness! :O) (how do I put emoticons in this thing? :O))))!!!

    So if somehow I got inspired by this AAR and hurt my only (left) hand left in an attempt to paint as soon as possible my huge pile of Copplestone's STREET VIOLENCE figures, THE BLAME IS ON YOU! :O)

    1. Eduardo you are such a tease, but I'm pleased you are reading the games here, although as the figures don't have clear bases I am surprised you read it;-). What have you been saying on LAF, it must have been bad.
      I don't think emoticons work in the Blogger universe :-(

    2. Chaps, just to clarify, emoticons DO work on Blogger but only for posts and not for comments. Yeah, it sucks! :-(

    3. Thanks for the info, I'll look next time I'm posting.

    4. Thanks for the info, Vampifan! :O)

  9. The 'New Wave' photography, complete with dice I thoroughly approve of!
    I do like it that you've re-visited this scenario, it had so much potential and has realised it in this rendition.
    Great set-up figures and game, even if a bit brutal!

    1. Cheers Joe, I found it interesting how different the two games were through using random placement of key components of the scenario. I think both of them worked well as a story but the second one was a much better game.
      Brutal ehh. I read a bit of someone's blog last night and they had someone stick a knife into a hostages eye to get some information, now that's brutal. ;-)

  10. Brilliant stuff John! You are definitely one of the top AAR bloggers out there, can't wait to see more :)

    1. Thanks Ivor I'm pleased you are enjoying them, and it's good of you to say so, a bit of encouragement helps my know I'm not completely on the wrong track.

  11. Wow... what a bloodbath. That was a thrilling tale, for sure. Great!
    Great terrain, as always. Those paper-houses look good, I think I have to check all those WWG-thingies I printed (but only assembled a fraction of), a long time ago
    Thanks for a good read!

  12. I think a bit of extra effort on the larger buildings with support in the walls and roof and they are good for quite a few years if you're careful. Not sure about in a club environment but they are replaceable.

    1. I'm thinking more about using them in my home, either for solo-gaming or gaming with the kids.
      Worth thinking through.
      Checked in the dungeon, and I still have a lot of printed stuff there, and on top of that a colour laser-printer I just got from a friend in excange for a lot of kids-clothes.

    2. Coo - I think I would have swopped the kids for a laser printer. ;-)

    3. Hahaha.
      He didn't have space for it, as it is rather large. I was glad to help him :-) Really glad - a free printer, what's not to like.